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Trimble software allows our clients to collect, manage and analyse complex information faster and easier.

Trimble, together with Optron, offers fully integrated solutions. This helps our clients to be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Trimble Pulse

The Trimble Pulse Solution enables fields service excellence by connecting technicians, assets, parts, and vehicles to deliver a connected experience.

The benefits of using the Trimble Pulse solution includes increasing contract sales and project management performance, improve technician billable capacity, get more repeat business, and increase parts and service revenue. This solution enables businesses performing mission-critical field service with a portfolio of capabilities to manage, schedule, mobilize and monitor their workforce.

Trimble Information Alignment

Connected Mine Performance

A flexible, modular and scalable application architecture unlocks the potential of your data.

Connected Mine Performance provides an integrating software layer which brings together data from disparate, incompatible and sometimes proprietary third-party systems.

This enables IA clients to easily measure, manage and optimise their operations in near-real-time, from a local, regional, and corporate perspective.

Connected Mine Performance has a comprehensive and connected expanding suite of reports that provide immediate insight into our client's operations.

Once the routine reporting is automated, clients move to analysis and comparison of its performances.

The IA products have at their core a strong, flexible and genuinely global database model that is not constrained by language, time zones, unit of measure, currency, organisational structure or commodity.

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