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Foresight Security Artificial Visual Intelligence is a new generation in safety and security solutions.

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Foresight Security combines industry 4.0 technologies and concepts to bring you real-time safety and security intelligence and automation.

We put you in control and one step ahead of a threatening situation. Whether you need to protect your loved ones at home or need a state-of-the-art health, safety and security solution for your business, we have you covered.

Main features

  • Automated CCTV camera monitoring using AI to detect threats or incidents
  • Edge computing AI models
  • Cloud AI models
  • Rich set of rules for defining incidents and alerts
  • Detection and alert scheduling
  • Advanced alert distribution rules
  • IOT integration
  • Mobile app for alerts
  • Command center application for security companies and enterprise clients
  • On site edge app for live monitoring and alerts

How it works

for home and communities
For home and communities

Out with the old. We've replaced blind sensors and beams with the latest tech in home security computer vision and IOT. With Foresight Security you get immediate, visual alarms for potential attacks on your home or farm. The artificial intelligence software does all the monitoring work and filters out noise triggers like pets, moving trees, lightning and rain.

for business
For business

Keep employees and assets safe with proactive and automated CCTV using AI and IOT. When it comes to safety monitoring, we integrate sensors such as smoke detectors and cameras to bring you real-time and visual incident alerts. We also automate the COVID 19 screening processes with thermal imaging and IOT integration.

ai on the edge
AI on the edge

Our artificial intelligence software runs on low-cost edge computers and analyses camera footage in real-time to identify threats or intruders, while it only sends alarms when a positive detection is made, substantially reducing false alarms caused by animals, bad weather and foliage. This is very different from motion detection that triggers alarms on ANY movement.

With an improved IT cost predictability, our offering assists clients to scale their IT assets in terms of its maturity and future requirements.

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