SQream is the only data warehouse for analytics that is designed and built to deal with a massive amount of data sets (10s of TB to 100s of PB). SQream solves data scalability issues in analytics.

Data is growing at a rapid pace. Current data warehouse technologies for analytics are not built to deal and analyse so much information at rapid speed. Many data warehouse technology uses in-memory architecture (upload the data into memory and let the CPU read from it and process the data). In-memory architecture has a limitation of how much data can physically be loaded into the memory of a single machine. This forces such solutions to partition their data and to enable a distributed architecture. The main problem with it is that as the amount the data increases the performances decrease.

SQream utilises GPU architecture instead of in-memory, where the data is transferred at a high transfer rate from the storage devices directly into the GPU cores without passing through the memory. This is how SQream solves data scalability issues with no impact on performance.

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