TOSMS have partnered with Moyo to deliver the TG-RCS solution.
TOSMS have spent decades helping clients manage their regulatory compliance risk with the ever-increasing burden of legislation being one of the toughest challenges that management faces. At the same time, Moyo have been providing software solutions across various industries and have a solid track record with long standing clients and a delivery team that are at the forefront of the latest advances in application development.

Our collaboration with TOSMS has harnessed considerable expertise to create a breakthrough in solving some of the most challenging and complex regulatory compliance issues for organisations.

How it works

The building blocks of the solution are:

  • Regulatory Universe – A register of the all the regulations applicable to an organization with facilities to perform high level risk assessments to enable a risk-based approach to compliance management
  • Detail Level Requirements – Logically defined business requirements, extracted from the legislations which is again risk rated to supplement the risk-based approach to compliance
  • Internal and external controls – A tool to define and manage controls required to comply with legislation
  • Monitor and Maintenance – Role and process-based monitoring of compliance and compliance activities
  • Regulatory change control – Manages the complexity of the ripple effects of changes to legislation

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