TOSMS have partnered with Moyo to deliver the T-GRCS Solution.

Based on the size and complexity of the organisation and the risks posed by regulations, T-GRCS provides a sustainable compliance model that calls for the delegation of responsibilities within a regulatory governance framework.  Appropriate identification of Levels of Work and the use of Automated Standard Compliance Procedures means the compliance solution can be converted into an expert system for driving actions at all levels, ensuring proper coverage and substantially automated management of the cyclical process of plan-action-review-attest.

How it works

The building blocks of the solution are:

  • Regulatory Universe – Regulations, standards and other internal reference documents that govern the organisation are risk assessed and prioritised.
  • Detail Level Requirements – Extracted requirements are logically grouped into workstreams and risk assessed against every entity impacted.
  • Internal and External Controls – Functional gaps in the operations arising from high risk DLR's are resolved through internal and external controls made up of organisational design elements (Processes, Records, Systems and Roles).
  • Monitor and Maintenance – Management of the Plan-Action-Review-Attest monitoring and reporting cycle using the Three Lines of Assurance compliance frameworks and risk/compliance scoring and rating models.
  • Regulatory Change Control – Control of all changes to the Regulatory Universe Register and their knock on effect to DLR's, internal controls, organisational design elements, training and the various types of governance documentation.

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