Imagine you could predict the future.

Jim Bergeson, one of the greatest business minds of our time, coined the phrase: “Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen.” Weagree.

Often though, we rely on basic financial reports or complicated scrambled data that gives us a general idea, but no real certainty. Busines Financial Intelligence (BFI) intuitive Business Intelligence tool was built to help small businesses create a competitive advantage by turning complicated data into simple reports.

Welcome to data that speaks your language.

How it works

An innovative intelligence module that integrates with Xero Accounting.
With BFI you can add team members, consolidate data sources and produce customized reports and get simple answers on complicated business questions within seconds. See exactly what’s hiding in your data by finding patterns that lead to actionable insights. Having the ability to dig deeper will help you make compelling business decisions.

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