Databricks has always been devoted to simplifying data, sharing knowledge and pursuing truths. Databricks collaborated with Microsoft to launch Azure Databricks that enables full integration of the Databricks Platform in an Azure environment. As a Databricks partner, Moyo leverages the synergy of our Microsoft Gold Partnership and our Data Science and Analytics capability to ensure that our clients extract maximum value from the Databricks platform on their cloud environment.

Apache Spark

Moyo partnered with Databricks to provide our clients with a zero-management cloud platform that is built around the well-known unified framework Apache Spark, and the fully managed, scalable and fast cloud-infrastructure that Databricks provides.

With Databricks, all stages of data analytics – from complex ETL pipelines to experimentation and the provisioning of Machine Learning (ML) applications can be handled in a resource-efficient way in the cloud. This increases the flexibility and scalability and, at the same time, saves IT costs and time efforts.


Azure Databricks

Move to the cloud with Azure Databricks, through Moyo, a Databricks Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and a member of the AI Inner Circle.

Azure Databricks is an exciting new service in Azure for AI, data engineering and data science. Built on Apache Spark, Azure Databricks is capable of processing and modelling data of all sizes and shapes, and it integrates seamlessly with Azure services. Databricks also provides a collaborative environment where users can work together in a secure, interactive workspace. This unified platform can make it easier and provide a faster time-to-market for AI solutions built on Azure.

Moyo’s team of experienced data scientists and data engineers, with experience and exposure to an array of AI and Data Analytics projects are well suited to gear your organisation for the future.


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