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Our project management framework improves project visibility, minimises risk and increases stakeholder confidence.

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The value of seasoned project management practitioners in delivering complex projects in a well-governed and widely adopted fashion within organisations cannot be overstated.

Moyo's Project Management offering is built on our commitment to our clients' success. Through strong leadership and outstanding interpersonal and influencing skills, as well as our ability to adapt to our clients' working environment and specific requirements, our team have proudly signed their names next to a myriad of successful and game-changing implementations.

Our client-focussed project management approach enables us to commit to improved project visibility, minimised risk and increased stakeholder confidence on all projects we serve.

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Project Management in an Agile World

Information on how to become more agile in the delivery of projects in the Digital era has been in ample supply, raising important guidelines – and questions – on how organisations should go about setting up fit for purpose agile project structures and teams. Often, at the risk of leading controversial conversations in this regard, industry experts continue to challenge organisations to be even more agile! One such controversy revolved around the seemingly dimming role of the Project Manager in this new agile way of work.

Enter the Scrum Master! Now, it is clear that “agile” and “scrum” have become the new twins on the block, begging the question: Is scrum a requisite for agile project delivery?

Over time, the lines within and around agile have become somewhat blurry, creating confusion for organisations desperately hoping to realize value after adopting some of the many agile principles at their disposal.

When the Agile Manifesto first saw the light in February 2001, its aim was to enable a new and improved way of becoming agile with specific reference to the way in which projects are being managed and executed. The undeniable reality is that after navigating the maze of agile methodologies and principles out there, things certainly start to feel a little less agile! It is at this junction that a fusion approach seems to have find its place.

Clear line of sight with Moyo

Our unique approach to Portfolio and Project Management was developed to provide a flexible and adaptable solution that can be tailored within the context of what is required – and without the constraints of one single methodology or framework. With delivering an exceptional client experience as our ultimate quest, we believe that the greatest outcome is value for our clients.

Hence our flexible, scalable, adaptable, and fit-for-purpose methodology – Adaptive Project Management!

Our adaptive Project Management offering can assist organisations to select and prioritise the right projects at the right time, coupled with a tailored execution approach to ensure high impact business outcomes – with our clients’ best interest right at the core of everything we do.

We are convinced that this approach will go a long way towards creating sustainable value for our clients and ultimately assist with getting things done in an effective yet agile way without the complexity associated with becoming agile.

With delivering an exceptional client experience as our ultimate quest, we believe that the greatest outcome is value for our clients.

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