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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) turns data into insights, enabling more effective decision-making for your organisation. However, implementing a Business Intelligence solution can be a costly and lengthy endeavour and – traditionally - one that mostly large corporates could pursue.

How can Moyo help?

With the onboarding of a high-skilled BI team that can be scaled at a predictable cost, our BI-as-a-Service offering provides our clients with the flexibility to select a fit-for-purpose service that suits their budget requirements, without compromising on quality.

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Why is it important to have Business Intelligence?

In the vastly expanding world of data, having timely access to your organisation’s data, as well as the apt ability to consume, interrogate and analyse your KPIs in an uncomplicated manner, provides leaders with key decision-making power.

How can Moyo help?

Moyo provides the technology platforms, solutions and frameworks to deliver actionable insights, enabling the organisation to extract optimum value from its data.

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Who will benefit from using Business Intelligence?

Pretty much any company or industry could benefit from implementing BI into their business. Industries that could benefit significantly in this would include: finance, retail, agriculture, energy, real estate, food and beverage, logistics, eCommerce, healthcare and more.

  • You have business users who want to self-serve to access and create reports and dashboards.
  • You have bottlenecks around a small number of skilled employees who are creating and managing reports for others.
  • Management information is slow/hard to access/capitalise upon.
  • You have the data, but accessing it is sufficiently slow or painful that sometimes you don’t.

How can Moyo help?

Predictable cost

Fully outsourced service to Moyo

Service continuity is ensured when resources change

Scalable capacity on demand

Faster time to value realisation

Highly skilled team at a fraction of the cost

Remote provision of all services

No locked-in contracts

Delivery becomes team dependent rather than resource dependent

"Worldwide, the volume of data increases by 400% every year, while only 30% gets analysed. We’re closing the gap at every client engagement and with every data conversation."

Moyo's execution model

execution model

What does Moyo do differently?

Moyo meets you where you are at. We match our offerings to your specific requirements, enabling you to add the most value within your current context.

Focusing on maturing your data landscape?
Focus on a data engineering heavy team

Want to get more out of your data?
We scale the team up with more BI Analysts

project maturity roadmap

Moyo's engagement models

engagement models

Moyo's Bi-as-a-Service delivery process

Moyo follows the agile methodology process.

delivery process

Data without Business Intelligence does not provide the insight your business needs. Problem is, implementing a BI solution can be a long and costly process and is historically financially accessible to large corporate organisations only. But we;re changing that!

Moyo's BI-as-a-Service Packages

All our core BI-as-a-Service packages include the following development and Managed Services.


Agile Development Cycle

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Deliverable Prioritisation
  • Daily Stand-ups
  • Planning Sessions
  • Backlog Grooming Sessions
  • Weekly Client Review Sessions

Project Delivery & Support

  • Integration development
  • Database development
  • Visualisation development
  • Delivery Management
  • Data Engineering Support
  • BI Application Support

Optional Additional Services

  • Managed Services
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting and Support
    • BI Support
  • Power BI and Tableau Training
  • Additional fees apply

Moyo's Bi-as-a-Service Foundation Package

This is a required 1-week engagement with the Scrum Master, Business Analyst and Technical Lead for all first-time client engagements to ensure a solid foundation is in place for the project.

The purpose of the package is to:

High-level project planning with client stakeholders.

Business analysis of first set of deliverables.

Setup of Azure DevOps boards for the client's project.

Data Source, Structure and Quality Analysis.

Design wireframes for first set of reports (if applicable).

Client introduction to Azure DevOps and the ScrumBan process.

Identify client product owner & other key stakeholders.

Clarify client and Moyo roles & responsibilities.

Ensure Moyo team has access to all the required source systems.

Schedule and agree recurring client meetings.

Moyo's Bi-as-a-Service Monthly Packages


Estimated 200 hours consulting time.

20% of the equivalent cost of a full-time BI team consisting of 6- 9 team members.

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Estimated 340 hours consulting time.

30% of the equivalent cost of a full-time BI team consisting of 6- 9 team members.

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Estimated 540 hours consulting time.

48% of the equivalent cost of a full-time BI team consisting of 6- 9 team members.

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A customised package based on specific client requirements where the standard packages is not sufficient.

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We offer BI-as-a-service in both the cloud and on-premise

bi tools

What our clients say

Moyo developed the BI-as-a-Service offering to put the power of actionable insights into the hands of more businesses.

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