Data without Business Intelligence is does not provide the insight your business needs. Problem is, implementing a BI solution can be a long and costly process and is historically financially accessible to large corporate organisations only.

We’re changing that.

Moyo developed the BI-as-a-Service offering to put the power of actionable insights into the hands of more businesses.

With Business Intelligence-as-a-Service from Moyo, businesses have access to a highly skilled BI team that can be scaled up and down at a predictable monthly cost. This allows clients with the flexibility to select the appropriate BI-as-a-Service package configuration that suits their current need and budget without compromising quality.

We offer this service both in the cloud and on-premise:

Here’s an example of a typical implementation plan showcasing our adaptability to your BI needs:

Moyo's BI-as-a-Service Packages

Foundation Package

This is a required 1-week engagement with the Scrum Master, Business Analyst and Technical Lead for all first-time client engagements to ensure a solid foundation is in place for the project.

The purpose of the package is to:

  • Do initial delivery prioritisation.
  • High-level project planning with client stakeholders.
  • Business analysis of first set of deliverables.
  • Design wireframes for first set of reports (if applicable).
  • Data Source, Structure and Quality Analysis.
  • Setup of Azure DevOps boards for the client’s project.
  • Client introduction to Azure DevOps and the ScrumBan process.
  • Identify client product owner & other key stakeholders.
  • Clarify client and Moyo roles & responsibilities.
  • Ensure Moyo team has access to all the required source systems.
  • Schedule and agree recurring client meetings.

Monthly Packages

Estimated 200 hours consulting time

20% of the equivalent cost of a full-time BI team consisting of 6- 9 team members.

Estimated 340 hours consulting time

30% of the equivalent cost of a full-time BI team consisting of 6- 9 team members.

Estimated 540 hours consulting time

48% of the equivalent cost of a full-time BI team consisting of 6- 9 team members.

A customised package based on specific client requirements where the standard packages is not sufficient.

All our core BI-as-a-Service packages include the following development and Managed Services:

Agile Development Cycle

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Deliverable Prioritisation
  • Daily Stand-ups
  • Planning Sessions
  • Backlog Grooming Sessions
  • Weekly Client Review Sessions

Project Delivery & Support

  • Integration development
  • Database development
  • Visualisation development
  • Delivery Management
  • Data Engineering Support
  • BI Application Support

Optional Additional Services

  • Managed Services
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting and Support
    • BI Support
  • Power BI and Tableau Training
  • Additional fees apply.

BI-a-a-S Benefits

What our clients say

" Our engagements with Moyo have been positive and we see them as a business partner rather than a supplier. The flexibility of their servicing model suits us, as we are able to scale the required servicing up or down based on our business needs – often at short notice. Costing is consistent, we know what we are paying for and they deliver accordingly. "

Chris Krone, Marketing Planning Manager: ESA - BAT

"When I embarked on our new reservations system and BI reporting project I had no idea how tough it would be. Partnering with Moyo was the best decision I could make. They have supported me in every way, as this project has been complex and difficult to navigate technically. The team have guided me through every challenge, displaying pragmatism, clarity and understanding. Moyo's BI-as-a-Service offering gave me access to a highly-skilled team, who guided me through this complex project at a predictable monthly cost!"

Tiffany Vos-Thane, Chief Operating Officer - Rovos Rail

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